15 February 2023

No doubt everyone grows old in their own way.

But once you actually hit it — that three letter word, “old” — watch out: “An aged man is but a paltry thing,/A tattered coat upon a stick . . .”

So wrote ...

21 December 2019

The Free Press Network presents; The Other Side Of The News [S01:E15]: Dr. Emma Briant - "The Maven of Persuasion"
With Dr. Robert Fitrakis & Dan Dougan As broadcasted LIVE in Columbus Ohio! on WGRN 94.1fm Fridays at 5:30pm!...

11 July 2024

Believe it or not, Thomas Jefferson was a committed abolitionist. His original draft of the Declaration of Independence included a long screed against the slave trade beginning,

“Slavery is a War against human Nature...
11 July 2024

Many political analysts believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is buying time in Gaza and Lebanon with the...


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