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12 July 2024

Dr. Bob and Dan-o hear from old friend Michael Alwood about his exploits with different local and national bands. Everybody Knows plays at 11pm on Friday nights on WGRN 91.9FM community radio, and Mondays at 2pm on WCRS 92.7 and 98.3FM...

Bob and Dan showing a Comfest flyer
28 June 2024

Listen to "Everybody Knows with Dr. Bob and Dan-o" on WGRN 91.9FM on Fridays at 11pm or streaming at
They play tunes by bands that have performed at past Community Festivals and talk...

Dan Dougan yelling at Bob through a megaphone
14 June 2024

Listen to show archive here

Dan-o regales Dr. Bob with anecdotes about his encounters with musicians while he was owner and promoter at...


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