"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Joe Biden speaks! 

Good evening fellow Americans.

The American Empire has behaved as the indefensible nation since the end of WWII. And so, as the most important nation in the world, and the nation most responsible for setting up the United Nations, the International Criminal court, and Geneva Convention which established the rules of war, I am announcing the end of the war in Gaza.

Earlier today, I informed Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that the war must end. American weapons shipments and financial support has ended. I have asked Netanyahu to resign immediately, along with the rest of his government. I reminded him of the record of the CIA in overthrowing governments while also reminding him that the CIA does not assassinate foreign leaders, which should get my point across.

I also called Vladimir Putin. I acknowledged that NATO, lead by the American Empire, is unable to defeat Russia via Ukraine. We will accept his invitation to participate in peace talks, and we will not insist on a return of territories captured by Russia. We will lift sanctions on Russia and ask them to join us in the effort to achieve a peaceful world, where conflicts are resolved without weapons. I have informed Zelensky of this decision, and offered him asylum.

America will, however, support the right of Israel to exist. The nations of the world agree that Israel has the right to exist, and we will ensure Israel's continued existence. America will no longer blindly veto requests before the UN Security counsel in favor of Israel. Rather, America will vote with the great majority of countries on all issues regarding Israel.

The American Empire will ask the United Nations to supply UN Peacekeeping troops in order to control the border between Israel and the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank. Israel soldiers and citizens who murder Palestinians will be prosecuted. Settlements, which is a word that allows Israel to steal the homes and land of Palestinians, are no longer allowed, and all settlements illegally created during the 17 year siege, must be returned to the rightful owners. If necessary, the border of Russia and Ukraine will be managed in a similar fashion.

As for Hamas, the current leadership must resign. The current leadership of the PLO must resign as well. The American Empire will assist in the decision of the next leader of Palestine under the banner of the PLO. The new government must be determined to create a peaceful world.

Hamas has already agreed to return the hostages, provided the violence is ended. I have ended the violence so I expect the hostages to be returned within the next two weeks, and expect all Palestinian prisoners held by Israel to be returned as well. We will not interfere with the ICC charges against Yahya Sinwar, Muhammad Deif , Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant. or anyone else.

The cost of rebuilding Gaza will be controlled by the United Nations, but much of the cost will be born by Israel. Palestine will be allowed to build a airport and control the ocean waters according to international maritime standards. Israel will be allowed to demilitarize in the event that Palestine is not allowed to establish a military for self defense, or Palestine will be allowed to arm itself for defense. Palestinians can now control immigration and travel of it's citizens rather than Israel.

I intend on creating a Department of Peace, to offset the influence of the Military Industrial Complex, and I have asked former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to lead the effort. Today I ask China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea to participate in a summit where we can further enhance the idea of a peaceful world.

The American Empire has inflicted much misery on the world since 1945. Going forward, America will lead the world into a peaceful century.