We start GREEP #179 with JOHN STEINER and LEAH GREENBERG, co-founder of the great grassroots juggernaut Indivisible.

Leah is joined by ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground, RAY MCCLENDON of Communities United, MAYA VAN ROSSUM of the Green Amendments campaign, and HOLLY MOSHER of Why Do You Vote, who shows us a wonderful video of folks explain to us why, in fact, they vote.

KENNY BRUNO chimes in with cogent questions about the impacts of Gaza and other key issues in the upcoming election.

DENNIS BERNSTEIN, renowned host of KPFA/Pacifica’s Flashpoints, tells us about the great LARRY BENSKY. Emmy-winning DAVID SALTMAN adds to the eulogy, as does KPFK Chair Tatanka Bricca, who also underscores the need to become a voting member of the Pacifica Radio Network.

VINNIE DE STEFANO updates us on the Julian Assange case.

WENDI LEDERMAN urges us to think about Gaza and how it might affect the upcoming election.

RICK GOODWELL urges us to make sure we and our neighbors are, in fact, registered to vote.

RAY LUTZ updates us on the crisis in our voting machines.

PAUL NEWMAN, MIKE HERSCH and MYLA RESON get into the struggle of a southern high school and statue-defenders intent on being named for Confederate traitors.

LYNN FEINERMAN conjures “the furies” of great and powerful females and their “boiling rage” against Trump and the usurpation of the rights of women.

Georgia voter PATRICK THOMPSON reports from the corrupt killing fields of Georgia now dropped into the depths of dead nuclear age.

WILLIAM GRAVES ends with the insanity of what Myla has called FELONIUS TRUMP and the terrifying future he promises us all.

Next week, in GREEP #180, we will move deeper into the art and science of successfully fighting back…See you in Solartopia!!!