Biden must resign

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

President Joe Biden's debate disaster this week placed a magnifying glass on the already existing concerns of the American electorate that Joe Biden is showing serious signs of cognitive impairment. The debate was a tectonic shift in electoral politics, no matter how the Ruling Elites attempt to spin it. One thing is now crystal clear. The chance to beat the Orange Menace in November is increased by replacing Biden, rather than being a risky move. The riskiest move is to allow Biden to run for President, risking the future of America and democracy itself.

Every America has witnessed the devastating effects of dementia which often included rapid progression. In January, Biden gave a reasonably vigorous State of the Union address, quieting his critics. Only 5 months later, the word vigorous no longer applies, nor will it in the weeks and months to come. It is possible if not likely that Biden will be a shell of a man by election day in November.

The New York Times editorial board wrote "The clearest path for Democrats to defeat a candidate defined by his lies is to deal truthfully with the American public: acknowledge that Mr. Biden can’t continue his race, and create a process to select someone more capable to stand in his place to defeat Mr. Trump in November”. The last time the Times called for a new president, the President was Richard Nixon. Andrew Yang, David Axelrod , Mehdi Husan, Ezra Klein, Van Jones have publicly called for a change. Most of the discussions are happening in private among anonymous democratic strategists and the rich oligarchs who fund these campaigns.

The easiest course is for Biden to repeat the words of LBJ in 1967, when he said “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President”. For this Jill Biden will have to accept the obvious. Alternatively, former Presidential families, the Obamas and Clintons, must pay a visit. Chuck Shumer, Hakeem Jeffries, and other influential Democrats must participate or initiate the discussion. Democratic voters should be speaking in unison on social media, demanding a change.

In America, what should happen and what does happen are often two different things. However, the MAGA crowd should have no influence on this decision. Liberals will be responsible for this action, or lack thereof. Recall the efforts of Patrick Fitzgerald to rid us of George Bush's second, disastrous term, of Mueller's failed effort to remove Trump. In the end, this decision may have to made by the public demanding it. If the Oligarchs and political elite fail to act, then the people must. The deadline is mid August, when the Democratic convention is held in Chicago.

Some ask, if not Biden, who? The obvious choices from inside the Democratic party's power structure are Gavin Newsome and Gretchen Whitmer. There are three current independent candidates. The important point is that the candidate must not be cognitively impaired. Period, end of story. Nothing else matters.

Donald Trump is a threat to win the Presidency only because he is running against a vulnerable Joe Biden. We will witness a campaign in panic mode when the MAGA crowd realizes that Trump is running against a candidate who is well spoken, alert and awake.

The people must travel to Chicago to make their voices heard. Mass protests in the United States have achieved up to 15 million people out of a population of 333 million. The women's march of 2017 was attended by 3 to 5 million people, but not all in one place. George Floyd protests exceed this number.

Absent a resignation, 3 million people need to descend on Chicago in August. Whatever decisions are being made in smoke filled rooms at the convention will be influenced by 3 million American's in the streets of Chicago. The Democratic party must put forth the best candidate, and that is no longer Joe Biden.